Google Ads Campaigns

Highly effective online advertising that boosts your earnings.

Each client gets full support – comprehensive assistance, regular data-based monitoring of campaign effects.
Above all, telephone and e-mail contact at all times.

Google Ads network

We reach the customers locally and globally, thanks to such features as:

Location extensions – we generate not only online but also offline traffic by displaying the company address.

Local Targeting – we can tailor the search to the city, street and even the area, by way of illustration to 5 km from your café.

Call extensions – we connect potential customers with your company with one click.

URLs – We expand our advertising by highlighting other products, special occasions or services so that the user lands straight on the page they are looking for.

Thanks to Google Ads (Adwords) paid per click:

  • you are displayed at the top of the search results;
  • you reach out directly to potential customers;
  • you will not spend more than you have planned every day, for instance: PLN 15;
  • ad impressions are free, you only pay per click.
Google Ads network
Campaigns with diverse marketing objectives

Depending on the customer’s needs, we implement campaigns aimed at diverse marketing objectives: we support sales, strengthen brand image or generate leads.

Ad experience

We make sure that the campaigns offer good viewability standards at all times. Appropriate optimisation results in higher viewability thresholds in the target audience.

Advanced opportunities to reach the target groups

With precise targeting, the message reaches a specific target audience.

Showcasing mobile apps in the search network
Driving mobile app downloads

If you want users discover your mobile app, get ready for a main challenge. We generate app download and build a database of valuable users.

Making mobile application users more involved

Once the user base in the mobile application is in place, it is worth making sure that they continue to use it. We convey marketing message to users, encouraging them to re-use the app.

Google Ads Campaigns gdańsk gdynia trójmiasto mcs group

Kampanie Google Ads

Wyświetlaj reklamy wtedy, gdy ktoś szuka tego, co oferujesz. Indywidualne podejście do biznesu wymaga niestandardowych działań.

Google Ads Campaigns gdańsk gdynia trójmiasto mcs group


Remarketing standardowy, remarketing dynamiczny, remarketing w aplikacjach mobilnych, w wyszukiwarce i remarketing wideo.

Google Ads Campaigns gdańsk gdynia trójmiasto mcs group

Kampanie dla ecommerce

Pokaż swoje produkty zainteresowanym kupującym podczas wyszukiwania w Google.

Google Ads Campaigns gdańsk gdynia trójmiasto mcs group

Reklama w YouTube i Gmail

Sprzedawaj więcej i przyciągaj klientów dzięki reklamom wideo na YouTube oraz w poczcie Gmail.